Since the foundation in July, 1977, the company, which is the specialized company, produces and manufactures F.R.P products and luxurious interior/exterior building materials, has discharged a role in Korean architectural development. We are so proud that ARTECS produces qualified materials through constant research of building materials, technical development and the artisan spirit. As a result of the effort, we applied for the patent on July, 2001. In addition, we got three of factories for each purpose; one of factories in Uijeongbu, where the head office is located, is to try prototypes, develop technology and sell products, the second factory in Yeoju is to produce artificial rocks, F.R.P, G.R.G, G.R.C, and mold them, the third one in Beijing is to supply raw materials and advance overseas. So we can produce them promptly and systematically. "High-Quality & Low-Price" is the company motto. ARTECS develops and produces charnel case and fabric set for charnel house, which must be a happy news to all related businesses. ARTECS tries to be technological, humane company as an economic body.





How is everyone doing? I'm Park Youngsun, President and CEO of ARTECS. First of all, I am so grateful that you visit our web-site, and hopefully I think the information would be helpful to visitors. Since the foundation of the company in July 1977 with a purport of architectural development and the preservation of natural environment. ARTECS has produced sculptures, moldings, artificial rocks and decorative products of interior/exterior building materials with materials of F.R.P, G.R.G, G.R.C...and so forth during a quarter century. In performing and/or demonstrating the continuous innovation, R&D, and the artisan spirit, finally we developed the outcome of ARTECS technology, A,G,R,G. A,G,R,C and A-Rock...and so on, which were applied for patents. And also as a result of running the research of new materials and their products for charnel culture of the future from January 2000, successfully we got good results of the fabric set of charnel house. With a special thanks for every engineer in the related businesses and my truly senior, Jehyeon, the management and other members of ARTECS promise we try to supply more qualified products and service to you.


From Park Youngsun, CEO of ARTECS Co,Ltd.





Name of company: Seoksan F,R,P
Head office: 385 Howon-dong, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do
CEO: Park Eunsuk


Name of company: Sehwa(Peaceful world)


Additional enlargement of the second factory in Yeoju
Address: Cheonnam-ri, Daesin-myeon, Yeonju-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Jan, 2000

Running of the research institute of new materials

Jun, 2001

Foundation of corporation
Name of corporation: ARTECS.Co.Ltd
Head Office: 385 Howon-dong, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do
CEO: Park Youngsun

Jul, 2001

Patent Applications and utility models pending
A-G.R.G, A-G.R.C, A-ROCK, Charnel, Fabric set...and so forth




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